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Hey guys. Paul Petersen operated his business in plain sight for 13 years. Thirteen years. AZCentral just reported that in 2006 his business had been flagged by a judge. We know, from yesterday, that in 2016 he actually sued a client for not paying the full $40,000 to him. Sued them for $12,000, asking for 15% interest rate in addition to that. One article said that social workers were referring clients to him. And he advertised his business online. He advertised it as an open adoption agency.

So here’s the thing, I don’t understand. How is someone able to operate basically a human trafficking business, allegedly, a baby mill, for 13 years in plain sight. Why did it take so long for our authorities to go after him? Why did it take so long for him to be prosecuted? Why was it allowed for him to operate in three separate states before anyone did anything to him? These are the things that don’t make sense to me. And were those babies adopted out in safe adoptions? These are all things that need to be investigated. So I don’t think that it just Peterson that needs to be prosecuted on this and have a trial. I think our government needs to be put on the stand. How was this allowed to go on in plain sight for 13 years?

All right, I’ll have to get on the road. Bye everybody.

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