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Hello, hello, everybody. I just wanted to do a quick update on the election. I just attended the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors meetings so that I could report on what I saw while working for the cab, and then also at the election, and then also some of the comments that we’ve gotten back from our constituents about their concerns with early voting and the emergency vote centers and whatnot. So, the board of supervisors have approved the election results.

They did take the concerns and comments that the constituents had and that the voters had as to how the process was conducted. I made a short statement about the fact that with my background of being an expert on data governance and traceability, a chain of custody with the GS1 standards that can be comparable to the level of quality when it comes to data integrity that we need for our elections process, that what’s currently happening now is not even close to best practice.

I did have a brief conversation with Adrian Fontes after the meeting, and I was happy that he took some time to address my concerns and I gave him my card so that we can work together and figure out how to solve this going forward. The board of supervisors did admit that our attorney technology is outdated and we need to fix that. That’s a big part of the problem.

My overall concern going forward is that we are going to end up investing in new technology and investing and implementing new processes and new standards and it’s still going to be in a manner that doesn’t keep the best practices of data governance and traceability and chain of custody using the things that we’ve learned in the logistics and supply chain industries to solve these problems globally. And so, we need to take what we know from the private sector and implement that in our election process so that we can have integrity.

One thing that I have a little concern with is that Adrian’s focus was just on increasing the availability of the vote, which I completely agree and support. I would like to see the numbers skyrocket when it comes to voter turnout. We should have 100% voter turnout, as close to that as possible. What my overall concern is, is that we need to couple that with making sure that the votes are secured for legal voters, specifically, and I’m not convinced that’s happening to the best ability that we can do. And then my second concern is that we need to have full transparency and traceability when it comes to the standards and the technology that we use to manage our election process. We also need to have speed and accuracy in what we’re doing and those things don’t exist today.

Now, I appreciate the fact that we are … Technology is old at this moment, and so I would hope that we’re doing the best that we can, but in my experience, based on what I saw, I don’t think we are doing the best that we can with what we have and that’s where my concern comes into play. So, I’m going to continue working on this issue. I’m going to continue to reach out to Adrian Fontes on this. I’m going to reach out to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, and I’m going to continue working with our constituents to find better ways to go about solving this problem because 2020 is right around the corner, and I don’t know if we’ll be able to fully upgrade our technology by the time 2020 comes into play, especially when you consider working at the speed of government.

I don’t know if that’s realistic. It will probably take three to five years to do that, but we can certainly improve the processes with the current technology that exists today and that is something that needs to happen. I still stand that I don’t think that lawyers should be recorders, and I think that we need to definitely have people that have a better understanding of data governance and data integrity and transparency that are looking over our elections.

But it is what it is for right now, and we need to focus on making sure that we have at a successful 2020 election. I’m also concerned that Adrian thinks that this election in 2018 and the way that was conducted and that being a successful election, the issues and the areas that we had failures on, I don’t consider to be a success. I think that we can make major improvements with what we have today and that’s what I would like to see. I’d also like to see us improve technology going forward, but again, that’s a very long-drawn-out process when it comes to government.

So, if you have any additional concerns, please post them below. I hope that you’ve reached out to the GOP group that is doing the independent audit of what occurred and posting a study on that, and just keep me informed and I will take your concerns to the appropriate authorities and make sure that they get addressed as I have been. So, thank you so much for your support. Thank you for supporting the election and for voting and for being vigilant in this arena. Have a great day.


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